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Purchasing international merchandises

Reliability - Quality - Transparency

Commodities will be shipped by airway to Vietnam fast depending on locations. Your goods will be delivered to you in hand with few simple clicks. Our purchasing and shipping services are the representatives.
Purchasing international products processes at AQ SHIP

1. Send poduct's link: you send the link of the product you need to buy to AQ SHIP.
2. Get quotation: We give you a quotation and inform the advance.
3. Advance the products' price: you conduct to advance from 75% to 100% price of the order.
4. Wait for us: we will order the products for you and completed the processes to deliver to Vietnam.
5. Pay: you pay the rest of the money and receive your order at our office or ask us to deliver for you.

Total cost for a package
  • Price on the website (the final price) + shipping fees + surcharges (if any) + purchasing fees
  • Price on the website (the final price): list price of commodities + taxes (if any) + domestic shipping fees (if any).
  • Shipping fees to Vietnam: $$/kg
  •  Customs surcharges (if any).
  • Purchasing fees: 7% list price of commodities (at least $10)
AQ ship also provides commodities for agencies trading U.S goods
  • We receive to purchase commodities for stores trading US goods in Vietnam with preferential service fees and maximum support for business agencies.
  • Each and every merchandise purchased by AQ SHIP is authentic from the U.S. We absolutely do not purchase fake or low quality products. If any, we will compensate 200% the order value. AQ SHIP absolutely do not purchase fake or low quality products. If any, we will compensate 200% the order value.

With years of experiencing purchasing US goods from online shopping websites such as Apple, Amazon, eBay, Costco…, AQ SHIP ensures to give you free consultancy and assists from A-Z, help you to own authentic products with quality, reliability & transparency.

Attentive consultancy

Giving you thorough consultancy about quality supplies with the best price.

Quality products

Purchasing commodities accuarately via product’s link provided by customers.

Quick quotation

Quoting packages after 3-5 minutes, all-in price.

Simple payment methods

You can pay via bank transfer, COD or directly at our office.

Express delivery

Shipping packages by air with fast and cost effective processes.

Ensurance for commodities

Applied for lost, broken, damaged packages (because of sellers or shipping process).

Quoting price
VND Information
1. List price (on website) 1,200,000 50.00$
2. State income tax 72,000 6%
3. Shipping fees from stores to our storage 0 0.00
4. Shipping fees from the U.S. to Vietnam 20,500 0.1
5. Customs surcharges 0 0.00
6. Purchasing fees (7%) 84,000
7. Total = 1+2+3+4+5+6 1,376,500
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