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Frequently asked questions

1. What included in a quotation?

It's our priority to bring your the most competivtive price. When you use our services, a quotation will include:

Price of completion of an order
Price on website (the final price) + shipping fees + surcharges (if any) + purchasing fees

– Price on website (the final price) + shipping fees + surcharges (if any) + purchasing fees
– Fees of delivery to Vietnam
– Customs surcharges (if any)
– Purchasing fees (plus price list on each products)

We will give you a quotation as soon as possible. Moreover, we also have discount policies for familiar customers purchasing a huge amount of goods constantly, in order to bring you the best price when you choose services of AQ SHIP.

2. How can I pay?

AQ SHIP supports you with diverse methods in order to bring you the convenience

  • Directly pay at our office.
  • Transfer money via banks or internet banking.
  • Use other payment portals.
  • Pay for shipper.
3. How many percent can I pay for deposit?

It's up to the products' price that you must pay from 75 - 100% value of the order.

4. Does AQ SHIP guarantee products' quality?

I ensure to buy authentic products as what you ordered. With purchasing services, we always help you to find reliable and professional websites which received good rates from other customers in order to bring you the best choice.

5. What is packages insurance?

Packages insurance is a compensation policies applied for lost, damged packages by any reasons. You will get 100% compensation on the order value.

6. Do I have a discount on shipping fees for buying a huge quantity of goods?

AQ SHIP has a preferential discount policy for a massive quantity of goods. It depends on total price of the order that we will have suitable price.

7. Does AQ SHIP have warranty for delivered packages?

AQ SHIP only has the duty to purchase and deliver packages, so we are not responsible for the products' warranty. In case you want to get a warranty, we will come to the store and do it for you. These shipping fees will be paid by you.

8. How long is the shipping process from the U.S. to Vietnam?

It depends on the shipping form that you required. Normally, with air shipping service, it will last from 7 to 15 days. Packages will be delivered slower in case of Tet and holidays. We always try to ship packages to you as soon as possible.

9. When having already received a package, can you return it?

We assure you to buy what you ordered, if there is any unexpected problem, you can contact the seller to return goods. AQ SHIP will give you consultancy and conduct returns procedures. You have the responsibility to pay all shipping fees. 

You can refer more policies and regulations on our website aqship.com

10. What are the procedures of U.S. - Vietnam money transfer?
  1. Please contact us directly via hotline0706 986 106 or send email to hotroaqship.com to get more insights.
  2. You can leave your information on the Contact page on our website aqship.com to get consultancy from our frontline staff.
11. Beside the price informed, does AQ SHIP have any surchages?

After giving you the quotation, we will not take any extra fees.

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