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AQ SHIP is the solution

AQ Ship provides purchasing and delivery services internationally; assists you in sending money from the U.S. to your family in Vietnam; helps Vietnamese customers to do transactions with international e-commerce websites. Quick, secure and cost-effective shipping service.

– Express delivery service for various kinds of cosmetics, nails tools;

– Pharmaceutical products, functional foods, Western medicine;

– Parcels, texts, documents, business records or profiles for overseas students, etc;

– Personal packages, money transfer from the U.S. to Vietnam;

– Food, goodies, dried shrimps, dried fish, Vietnamese fermented fish (mắm), etc;

– Purchasing commodities from the biggest e-commerce websites in the world;

– Shipping electric products such as smartphones, laptops, e-readers and other machinery;



purchasing & delivery

Typical services

Purchasing goods

value of the order
  • Experience purchasing U.S products from home
  • Service charge accounts for only 7% of the order value
  • Authentic goods having enough invoice
  • Cash on delivery
Phổ biến

Thu chi hộ

  • 24/7 Consultancy support
  • Referential, cost effective
  • Reliability & quality
  • Quick compare-check, straightforward procedures
  • Secured money transfer guarantee

International shipping

  • Assist to track your orders
  • Reliability & quality
  • Short delivery time
  • Packages shipped by air
  • Cash on delivery

Other services

Clearance-related documents service, essential custom clearance

Assist individuals and business with various kinds of documents such as FDA, MSDS, compulsory import paper in the host countries, etc.

Dịch vụ kho bãi, đóng gói hàng hóa và shipping nội địa tại Mỹ

Cho thuê kho và lưu trữ hàng hoá, đóng gói, tạo label shipping nội địa giao hàng đến người nhận tại Mỹ.

Support domestic and international business

Tìm nguồn hàng kinh doanh, đưa sản phẩm kinh doanh lên các kênh bán hàng trong và ngoài nước.



How are the processes of ordering merchandises at AQ Ship operated?

1. Send poduct's link: you send the link of the product you need to buy to AQ SHIP.
2. Get quotation: we send you the price quote and inform the advances.
3. Advance the products' price: you conduct to advance from 75% to 100% price of the order.
4. Wait for us: we will order the products for you and completed the processes to deliver to Vietnam.
5. Pay: you pay the rest of the money and receive your order at our office or ask us to deliver for you.

If you ask AQ ship to order a huge number of US goods to do business, how much is the fee of service?

If you are a seller in Vietnam and have a demand to buy a huge amount of goods in the US, AQ SHIP will bring you preferential policies for your service fees.

Contact us now via our hotline 0706 986 106 or send your requests to our email address [email protected]

It is our honor to serve you!

How to purchase goods from Amazon, Bestbuy, Ebay, Apple, etc. ?

The simplest and fastest way is sending products' link to us!

What if packages are lost or broken during the shipping process?

Please refering our compensation regulations when using shipping services in Policies and Regulations part.

Why are fees of services at AQ ship higher than other agencies?

AQ SHIP has professional customer care staff having responsibility for giving you detailed consultancy about products which is suitable for your needs, choosing reliable places with quality products and the best price.

AQ SHIP guarantees that merchandises purchased are authentic, having enough invoice and shipped by airway. In addition, our customer support division will update the latest news about your orders during the purchasing and shipping process to Vietnam.

AQ SHIP will repay your advances if after 20 days of sucessfully confirming the order, your order hasn’t delivered to Vietnam yet.

How many shipping services are there in AQ Ship?

For your information, AQ SHIP has the following services:

  1. Vận chuyển nhanh quốc tế bao gồm: vận chuyển từ Việt Nam đi nước ngoài.
  2. vận chuyển từ Mỹ về Việt Nam.


Dịch vụ - aqship.com
Ms. Anh Tuyet

I used the express delivery to deliver personal goods for my son in the US. Goods are packed up carefully. I recommended this service for my relatives.

Ms. Thuy Linh

I bought a jar of Glucosamine in the US which has high quality, and enough invoice. It's effective to drink. Thanks AQ Ship a lot. I am so satisfied with your service.

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