Are you a small size business owner or a retail investor selling specialities (handicrafts, traditional cuisines) from your homeland and having a certain foothold in domestic market? If your upcoming goals are to bring your products into international markets, Amazon is a right decision for you!

Why should you choose Amazon?

Let explore the reasons why milllions of people choosing Amazon: nhé:

- The development of e-commerce is gradually changing customers’ buying habits. With a smartphone and some simple steps, you can buy any item even when staying at home. The issue here is how sellers in Vietnam sell goods for customers in the U.S. If you choose Amazon’s e-commere site, you don’t need to worry about that. Your customers just need to close the order, Amazon will be on your behalf to pack up goods and deliver them.

- is considered as a King of online retailers which is used by millions of customers from all over the world. Amazon is famous for its reliability, strict rules and is known as a place for sellers to gather together, from the Fortune 500 organizations to handicraft suppliers. By this way, FBA from Amazon is allowed you to access its E-commerce site to go online shopping.

What is FBA?

FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is a support service for Amazon sellers, which helps them to store their products and deliver goods in hand to customers.

FBA will support sellers in storaging products in Amazon’s warehouse. This system will take your products, pack up and deliver goods to customers. Moreover, it also provides customer service including managing customers’ requests, refunding and returning goods. This service supports you in making your selling process easier.

However, there is an existed problem for entrepreneurs which is capital. You need to ensure your financial capacity is sufficient for paying all the charges from Amazon. If you are a newbie having no experience of selling products on Amazon, you can refer commercial solutions from AQ SHIP in order to help bring your products to international E-commerce sites, especially Amazon.

E-commerce solutions from AQ SHIP

Distribute commodities to Amazon’s warehouse

bán hàng trên Amazon

Relocating your commodities to Amazon’s warehouse: merchandisers can send their products directly or indirectly to Amazon’s warehouse using an online website account. With a direct way, merchandisers must guarantee to meet all the demands from Amazon. However, you can not check your products before they are relocated to Amazon’s warehouse. There will be an unexceptional case when Amazon refuse your merchandises, which means you loose your opportunity for selling products on Amazon.

Với cách gửi trực tiếp, người bán phải đảm bảo đáp ứng đầy đủ các yêu cầu của Amazon. Tuy nhiên, bạn không thể kiểm tra các sản phẩm của bạn trước khi chúng được gửi đến kho Amazon. Điều này không thể loại trừ khả năng Amazon sẽ từ chối nhận và trả hàng ngược lại, đồng nghĩa với việc bạn sẽ mất đi cơ hội bán hàng trên Amazon.

Another way that you can apply is hiring a third party to deliver your merchandises to Amazon’s warehouse. Shipping packages overseas safely, reducing the likelihood of rejecion, AQ SHIP provides trustful and secure delivery services to Amazon’s warehouse.

Amazon’s warehouse service

Bán hàng trên Amazon

First of all, since storage cost is quite expensive, you just need to store a minimum quantity of goods in Amazon’s warehouse to make sure that your products are always in stock. Secondly, shipping cost from Vietnam to the U.S. is pricey, that’s the reason why business usually deliver large shipments in order to save money.

However, importing a huge amount of goods will lead to high storage cost, other costs incurred and unpredictable risks.

There is a recommendation for you, which is using AQ SHIP’s storage service with a very low cost. With this offer, merchandisers can save more money than when storaging goods in Amazon’s warehouse. Besides, we guarantee to keep your products in stock according to storage reguations of Amazon. AQ SHIP is not only provides quality storage service but also creates optimal solutions for our customers in storaging products with the most economical cost to each and every storage form.

Our sharings above are about how to sell products on Amazon in the fastest and most economical way. AQ SHIP hopes that this writing could provide you with neccesary information in making smart decisions.