VCN – Recently, some enterprises have used foreign barcodes to print on products which were manufactured, processed, packaged or extracted in Vietnam have not been accepted to use by documents by foreign authorities or organisations owning that barcode. This violated the regulations on the use of barcodes.
    To tackle this, the General Department of Vietnam Customs requested provincial Customs Departments direct their branches to implement synchronously in accordance with regulations, including handling if they detect violations.

  • Based on regulations:

    Decree 119/2017/ND-CP; Decree 74/2018/ND-CP; Circular 39/2018/TT-BTC, when inspecting, supervising or performing other professional activities for export goods, in case customs official detecting signs of violations regarding the use of foreign barcodes and codes in accordance with standard of International Barcode Organization (GS1), it will conduct a physical inspection and enterprises are requested to present the authorisation of use of the owner of the foreign barcode or granting by the foreign competent authority to check.

  • Based on inspection results, if an enterprise violates regulations on using codes and bar codes as stipulated in Clause 2, Article 19b of Decree No. 74/2018/ND-CP, they will be handled in accordance with Point a, Clause 3, Article 32 of the Decree No.119/2017/ND-CP.